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General information

       Department of International Business (IB), a “young” department, has been established in August 29th 2013 in which there are about 13 staff (14 at present). It is used to be a group specialized in IB which is at the department of Economics. Our IB staff are a young team, active and are completely devoted to work and update new teaching methods as well as participate and conduct research in different fields of export-import, E-commerce, international trade and investment, and international business in order to provide specialized knowledge for teaching.

       Our department manages specialized majors: BSc International Business, BSc high-quality International Business progamme, and Master Managerial Economics.



  • To contribute to the advancement of (new) knowledge in the field of import-export, International Economics, International Business, Trade policy, Strategic management in the globalization context and Multinational Enterprises
  • To conduct research in order to improve academic knowledge and the understanding of the current and future needs in the context of the globalizing world of Economics, Business, and Management
  • to inspire IB students to endeavour to learn assiduously and enhance foreign languages skills so that they can integrate well with IB environment.
  • To provide students with the knowledge and the opportunity to become the future leadership in the global business environment.
  • To create a dynamic and international work environment with professional attitude allows both staff and students to adapt quickly with work and study abroad as well as continually cooperating with the alliance with international or domestic universities, research institutions in order to develop an in-depth understanding of the IE and IB.
  • Conduct Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through lecturers’ consultancy activities, actively to connect with recruiters and employers aims at supporting students approaching practice and getting used to it.



       To become a leading department with high-quality training program meets the requirements of output standard recognized by prestige educational (domestic/region/global) organizations.