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Welcome to the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Thanks to the great potential for developing many forms of tourism such as ecotourism, religious tourism and cultural tourism, Mekong Delta has become an interesting destination which attracts more than 1.3 million international and domestic arrivals in annual. It is expected that in 2020, tourism industry will create jobs for more than 200,000 labor while there are only more than 23,000 labor working in this industry. That means there is a huge demand of well trained labor forces in this industry.

Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, one of nine departments belongs to the College of Economics, is proud of being a training institution with high quality tourism training curriculum in the Mekong Delta.

About us

Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management was established in August, 2013 in order to improve the quality of labor forces in tourism industry in the Mekong Delta.

At present, the department is responsible for under-graduate curriculum of tourism and hospitality management. The department has also offered short training courses, consultant services as tailor made research simultaneously.


“Becoming the leading institution in offering training courses, consultant services and research in tourism and hospitality field in the Mekong Delta”


To the university and college – Be responsible for training the specialization of Tourism and Hospitality Management with diversified forms of training and operating correspondent academic activities

To students –Assure that the quality of training is in accordance with training output standards and create experiencing environment that our students can obtain good knowledge and skills to work in the industry.

To the society –Become a good companion and partner based on win-win strategies in order to meet the requirement of improving business of its partner and to improve training quality.

To staffs –Create a output-based working environment in which our staffs have good chances to practice and enable professional career.

Training curriculum

Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management