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Country Project Objectives Duration

The Netherlands

MHO2 This project aims to strengthen teaching capacity of SEBA’s staff. Within its framework, five PhD and Masters in economics and business were completed, curricula of SEBA developed, teaching and studying facilities upgraded, and a building built in campus 2 of CTU. 1996–2004

The Netherlands

NPT This is a collaboration project between SEBA (CTU) and Dutch universities, funded by the Dutch government. Its main objective is to strengthen teaching and research capacity of SEBA’s staff in order to offer support to SMEs and farming households in the Mekong River Delta. It includes long-term and short-term training, improvement of research and consultancy capacity of SEBA’s staff, and outreach. 2004-2008


VLIR Key objective of this project is to offer support to faculties of CTU, including SEBA, to develop their e-learning programs. This project is sponsored by the Belgian government.  


Spain Key objectives of this project are to establish a center for research and training in agricultural management and rural development, and to do research on agricultural cooperatives in the Mekong River Delta so as to help them develop.  


DANIDA Organizing short-training courses on economic-related topics for seeds organizations in Central and Southern Vietnam is the main oblective of this project. 2003-2006


KENT This is a cooperation programme between Kent university (Australia) and SEBA of CTU to offer Australian university-regconized bachelor degree in business management at SEBA.