The American Professor delivering lectures to International Business students

in High quality Programme.


     In recent years, the School of Economics, Can Tho University has constantly developed cross-border bilateral relations to build and integrate to international education environment for students in general and International Business students in the High-quality Programme. Over the last few years, the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic has caused many difficulties to have professors from developed countries to deliver lectures for students in the High-quality Programme of International Business. However, the School of Economics still managed to invite Dr. Scott Hispher to teach the course " Ethics in Business" for students majoring in International Business (High-quality Program). The course will take place from 9th to 20th August, 2021 in an online platform.


     Dr. Hipsher is a professor from the United States, with extensive experience in teaching, writing and publishing in the areas of business strategy, sustainability and development issues in the Asian region. He has published several books as a sole author as well as many book chapters and articles in prestigious scientific journals on the topics of international business and poverty alleviation. Currently, in addition to being a senior lecturer in the MBA program of Webster University in Thailand, he is also involved in teaching international courses at many different educational institutions, including Can Tho University.


     Starting to cooperate with the Department of International Business, School of Economics in 2017, the professor has offered many lectures to International Business students in High-quality Programme since the first course of the program has been launched. At the same time, he has also participated and collaborated in scientific research activities with staff of the School such as international scientific conferences held annually at the School of Economics. Regarding the course "Ethics in Business", with an open-minded and thought-provoking teaching style, the professor has facilitated students understand the ethical values ​​that businesses need to achieve long-term and sustainable benefits.


     "How about, it has been a pleasure working with the students at CTU in the course on business ethics. Despite the challenges of studying online, the students showed enthusiasm and were actively engaged throughout the learning process. I think I learned more from their responses and ideas than they learned from me." - Professor Hispher said.


     Below are some photos taken from the online lectures delivered by Professor Hipsher.

     In the near future, Professor Hispher will continue to participate in teaching as well as coordinating academic exchanges for students and lecturers at the School of Economics, Can Tho University. 


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