On 15th November, team Commando, consisting of three students majoring in International Business (High-Quality program), and one student majoring in Multimedia, representing Can Tho University. Has excellently earned Dynamic prize of Z Marketer contest, which was held by British University Vietnam.

     Z-Marketer Is a creative playground for Gen Z, held by students of British University Vietnam, which aims for outbreaking media solutions to solve actual problems for firms in The Industrial Revolution 4.0. This year's challenge was to “Construct marketing strategy for Tuborg Zero, a Non-Alcoholic Beer,” which has stimulated unique ideas and attracted participants from universities over the country.

     The contest consists of two rounds - Primary examination and Finale. The Primary test lasted from 3rd August to 25th October, attracted hundreds of students from large universities such as RMIT, Foreign Trade University, National Economics University, Can Tho University, Van Lang University….

     Throughout the program, students get to participate in workshops to consolidate their knowledge, skills, and confidence to perform before the judges. Workshop speakers are professionals and are talented in marketing, such as champion of Nielsen Case Competition 2019. After the Primary examination, 18 individuals from the Top 5 teams, which earned the highest scores from the board of examiners, were chosen for the Finale “Battle Royale” on 15th November in BUV. The teams are Kotler, Commando, Red Heartz, Sea Lions and Cheers.

     Top 5 teams participated in the Finale “Battle Royale” have presented their presentations, which are praised to be “just as good as in reality” before the judges; they are:

  1. Mr. Đỗ Xuân Khoa (Founder, CEO Markus Agency & Ella Study)
  2. Lecturer Aiman Abousher (Manager of Marketing Program, British Vietnam University)
  3. Mr. Andrzej Bialasiewicz (Director of Marketing of Carlsberg Việt Nam)


     After the presentation, the examiners' board presented detailed comments, which clearly pointed out the strengths and weaknesses and also asked questions. Mr. Đỗ Xuân Khoa rated Tuborg Zero and global marketing as one of the most fascinating and challenging business topics he has ever witnessed in years. “This topic will expand the participants’ horizons, giving them a chance to gaze into the strategies of popular brands,”- Said Mr. Khoa

     Mr. Andrzej Bialasiewicz also expressed his impression before the presentations: “You guys are truly amazing. This contest not only brought students a chance to experience steps to set up a marketing campaign but also brought us a deeper insight into Gen Z. I think all participants today will become excellent marketers in the future. You have impressively performed your talent, creativity and professionalism.”


     Finally, with outstanding ideas, confidence and professionalism, the girls from team Sea Lions of BUV and FTU convincingly won the Finale and became the Champion. The other Prizes are: “First Runner-up, won by Team Red Heartz (National Economics University and RMIT).  Second Runner-up, won by Team Cheers (National Economics University). Creative Prize, won by Kotler (BUV and Foreign Trade University) and Dynamic Prize, won by Team Commando (Can Tho University).

     Congratulations to all teams that have presented the youth of Gen Z at Z-Marketer, especially to Team Commando- As vanguards for Club Commando of International Business - Can Tho University. You earn realistic experience from solving marketing problems in a market full of competitions and challenges and contributing knowledge, and finding a new path for bright new career development in the future.

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