Enhancing teaching quality and meeting the increasing needs of young learners in this era of global integration and digital transformation has been of the main concerns of the Department of International Business (herafter, IB Department), School of Economics – Can Tho University (SOE and CTU, respectively). Due to this reason, IB Department organized an online workshop to collect feedbacks from stakeholders to further develop its Master programme of Economic Management in two directions: one is research-intensive, and the other is in applied economic management.

       The virtual workshop commenced at 8:00 am on January 7th, 2022  with the participants involving the programme founders and operators, the representatives from managing and supporting units of CTU, the managers of multiple departments of COE, the alumni, and respectable employers from several organizations inside and outside Can Tho City, including the Department of Science and Technology of Can Tho City, the Institute of Social and Economic of Can Tho City, VNPT Corporation – Can tho Branch, Misa J.S Company, the Civil Service under Hau Giang People’s Committee, The Tax Department of Can Tho city, and SOTRANS Company – Can Tho Branch, to name a few.  

       The Mater programme of Economic Management (hereafter, the programme) was first launched in early 2016, and it has attracted a great deal of public attention over the past five years. As for its future development, the virtual workshop was organized to collect feedbacks from various experts. As a result, future learners will be offered two options when enrolling in this program: research-focused and real-life managerial applications. The former option will equip the learners with in-depth theories and empirical research methodologies, thus enabling them to independently research economic management both at microeconomic and macroeconomics within the context of digital transformation. Meanwhile, the latter option will offer more applied theories and hands-on experiences in economic management, which are needed for these learners and provincial governors or planners to fulfill their job requirements in this tech-driven and data-based era.

       As the focus of the workshop was to collect constructive ideas for future adjustments and revisions of the programme, this central section was organized into two subsections: first came the alumni’s sharing of their post-programme experiences in career developments, followed by the experts’ constructive suggestions on pivotal changes in the programme curriculum to meet the rising needs of potential learners in this new era.

       Thanks to these collective contributions from the notable guests, the programme founders and operators have learned of both the pros and cons of the programme, and necessary changes in its curriculum are to be made shortly. These contributions will also ensure that upcoming adjustments and revision of the programme must be aligned with the developmental strategies of the Mekong River Delta provinces and Vietnam.

       The workshop was closed at 10:00 pm on the same day, and its content was recorded for future references.

Photo 1: Lecturers from Department of International Business, SOE.

Photo 2: Lecturers from Department of International Business, SOE.

Photo 3: The introductory section of the workshop

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